Why Vaping Should Be Studied As a Way to Stop Smoking

Manufacturers and distributors of e-cigarettes have refrained from stating that vaping can help one to stop smoking because such a claim would make the products to be regulated as a drug. However, evidence is emerging that vaping can indeed help individuals to quit smoking combustible cigarettes. Meanwhile, the medical community isn’t yet sure whether it should recommend e-cigs as a tool to help people to quit smoking. Could the reluctance of the major players in the vape industry be denying communities a vital cessation tool just because of fears about regulation? Stanton A. Glantz, PhD has submitted a comment to a steering committee of the FDA calling on the agency to develop investigational new drug applications (IND) aimed at testing whether e-cigs can help one to quit smoking and how that can happen. Such guidelines would help to address all the roadblocks which currently exist regarding such research. For example, academics who can conduct unbiased research often lack the finances to undertake such studies. Read the entire comment sent to the committee and find out whether or not it would help to end some of the polarity on the matter of what e-cigs can or cannot do.