Counterfeiters Cash In On Cannabis Vape Cartridges

The legalization of cannabis in some US states and not in others has created a thriving market for counterfeiters who flood the black market with products that are packaged in a way that resembles the name-brand products found in states where cannabis is legal. The major brands affected include Heavy Hitters, King Pen and Brass Knuckles (among others). The black market products don’t conform to any quality standards, so consumers face the risk of consuming cannabis oil that is tainted with all sorts of contaminants, such as pesticide residues and heavy metals. What can one do? Only buy your cannabis vape cartridges from authorized retailers if you live in a state where cannabis is legal. Those in states where prohibition still exists need to exercise extreme caution regarding the cartridges that they buy. In the meantime, the affected companies have started taking legal action against the counterfeiters, but history has shown that such a battle is hard to win in the long-term.