Idaho School District Starts Vaping Education Classes

In the wake of FDA statistics that put the number of teens who are vaping at about 3.6 million, the South Central Public Health District in Twin Falls, Idaho, plans to conduct classes to educate teens about vaping and the dangers that those teens face if they take up the habit. The classes will be conducted at two different venues, and they are free for anyone (18-years or older) to attend. The school district took this unprecedented step to fill the knowledge gap in order to reduce the number of teens who vape thinking that it is harmless pastime.

Young people risk becoming addicted to nicotine in addition to exposing themselves to developmental challenges since their brains are still growing. The first classes were held a few days before Christmas at the two venues. The school district also revealed that they want to educate parents as well, but it wasn’t clear whether the classes organized for the teens would also be open to parents. One would hope not, since the presence of parents may prevent some of the teens from opening up about their concerns while those adults are around. All in all, this effort is to be commended if it can attain the objective of helping the teenagers to make informed choices regarding electronic cigarettes.