English Stop Smoking Services Friendlier to Electronic Cigarettes

While the debate is still raging in many jurisdictions about the appropriateness of e-cigarette use as a stop-smoking device, the National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training in the UK produced a briefing for stop smoking services. That briefing outlines several things that service providers need to do in order to support any individual who wishes to use electronic cigarettes as a way to cut back or stop smoking tobacco cigarettes. For example, the practitioners at those centers are advised to refrain from trying to push their clients to quit vaping as well in the shortest time possible. The practitioners are also cautioned to speak positively about e-cigs so that their clients don’t get the impression that it is bad to vape. Such guidelines are helpful because they increase the options that are available to people who hadn’t registered any success with the other smoke cessation products that are available, such as NRT. The briefing also provides a middle ground between those who believe that e-cigarettes can help someone to stop smoking and those who aren’t convinced as yet.