Swapping Electronic Cigarettes for Tobacco Cigarettes Can Save Millions

Tobacco control groups have for long suggested that effective strategies should be found to end tobacco use once and for all. However, it has been hard to agree on a single strategy that can deliver the desired outcomes quickly. Scientists have now developed a model that projects what would happen in case smokers switched to vaping over a 10-year duration. Don’t rush to dismiss their findings as mere guesswork. The study or model used statistics from numerous government departments in the US regarding the rates at which people take up smoking, the quit rates, the rates of those who never quit smoking and those whose life ends due to smoking-related conditions.

The outcomes paint a detailed picture of how much harm or death would be prevented if the optimistic projection is real, and what would happen if the worse-case scenario occurs regarding switching to vaping. Both scenarios show that millions of lives would still be saved and people would have a better quality of life when you consider the public health implications of switching to vaping (fewer hospitalizations due to secondhand smoke, for example). The study is worth reading if you are concerned about the policy direction that e-cig and tobacco regulation is taking.

Issue #1

Issue #1 – our inaugural. So you want to dig into the world of vaporizers? So did we. There is a lot of information out there and a lot of legislation. We are going to do the best we can to keep up with it.

Should e-cigarette use be included in indoor smoking bans?
Published: 2017-04-28
WHO’s take on the benefits of vaping legally indoors public spaces might but some users anxieties to rest. First, WHO thinks that it might be an encouragement for some smokers to switch to vaping, since many smokers are banned from doing so in public spaces according to health regulations. Also, it might minimize the discomfort of nicotine withdrawal for those already battling with quitting smoking. Still, the WHO warns that potential health hazards from secondhand vaping will always have priority in respects to future regulation, but points out that smoke-free areas are also in the interest of many smokers and vapers, since it encourages them to reduce the practice.

Vaping, A Good Alternative To Smoking
Published: 2017-02-2017
Here is a list of why long-time smokers and newcomers alike might want to switch to vaping. The health risks are much lower when compared to cigarettes because there are much less harmful chemicals at play. They are also less addictive than normal cigarettes and vapers can usually abstain from vaping during larger amounts of time. The blend of different flavors also make the users eventually forget about the original taste of cigarettes, which can be quite disgusting when you try to pick up a cigarette after weeks of vaping. Finally, the odor of the vapor clouds that form when you are vaping can actually be pleasant for the people around you, while the stink of cigarettes is hard to ignore and most non smokers really hate being exposed to it.

E-Cigs and Second-Hand Vaping
Published: 2014-03-12
Can second-hand vaping be harmful? Well, for starters, it is worth pointing out that any consequences will certainly be less harmful than normal tobacco smoke, for the obvious reasons that e-liquids contain much less toxic chemicals than your average cigarette. Still, if you prefer your e-liquids to contain nicotine, you might indeed worsen the air quality overall, specifically by the concentration of nicotine, particulate matter, PAHs and aluminum. These compounds have been linked to lung and heart diseases such as cancer. This was the conclusion of a 2014 study published in the International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health, defending the regulation of vaping products. Still, whether these products can have concrete, long-lasting health risks for second-hand vapers is still unknown, but according to the study there is indeed the potential of health problems, although the amount of exposure for them to arise, the type of e-liquids and vaporizers involved is not clear.