Electronic Cigarettes: Should The Term ENDS Be Dropped?

Regulators, such as the FDA, often refer to e-cigarettes as “ENDS” (Electronic Nicotine Delivery System). The implication of using that descriptive term is the indirect portrayal of the impression that electronic cigarettes are primarily used to deliver nicotine to the users of the devices. However, research has unearthed findings that bring into question the suitability of that descriptive term. Researchers discovered that about two-thirds of teenagers who vape use the devices to inhale flavors rather than nicotine. Could some of these outcomes also be present among adult vapers?

The name/label given to something can often have far-reaching results. For example, some policy leaders advocate for banning “ENDS” adverts or sales as a way to protect teens from nicotine exposure/addiction. Changing the label attached to these devices could trigger a more objective view that can result in the formulation of helpful policies, such as how quality issues can be addressed. Otherwise, electronic cigarettes may fall prey to the proverbial “give a dog a bad name and hang him” mentality.