Scrutinize Your Electronic Liquid Concentration Carefully

Consumers of products, including e-liquid, tend to trust the labels that they see on the products that they buy. However, a study published in Nicotine and Tobacco Research by Barbara Davis and others in 2015 shows that many of the labels indicating the concentration of nicotine in electronic liquids are inaccurate. As high as 46 products out of the 50 products sampled were found to have higher levels of nicotine when compared to the claim on the label. This study serves as an eye-opener to all vapers to be very careful when they are buying their e-liquid. Buying from reputable suppliers can go a long way in ensuring that you are buying the nicotine concentrations that you wish to consume. Going an extra mile to find out what quality assurance processes are followed by the manufacturers of the e-fluid that you consume can help to weed out suppliers who may give misleading information about their products..”,