College Students Sign Petition for Their Mascot to Vape Instead of Smoking

Two students from the University of Miami are spearheading a petition which will see the university mascot (Sebastian the Ibis) given an electronic cigarette like Juul instead of having a pipe in its mouth like it has been in the past. Alex Castillo and Kevin Fernandes feel that the pipe is an “old-school” device which is out of touch with the current realities. Vaping is the in-thing, they say, and they want the university mascot to be updated to reflect this contemporary reality. The petition is running on and requires at least 200 signatures in order to compel the president of the students’ union to raise the matter with the higher levels of the university’s administration. Such petitions reveal how much vaping has become an integral part of life today to the extent that even students want it reflected in various aspects of campus life. I wonder what Sebastian the Ibis would feel about losing the tobacco pipe he has had for so long?!