Researchers Discover Way to Predict How E-Liquid Will Satisfy Vapers

Have you ever vaped a certain e-liquid and found it to be harsher to your throat when compared to another e-fluid? Researchers at the Portland State University have discovered that the harshness that vapers experience can be attributed to the amount of free-base nicotine in that e-liquid. Those researchers tested a novel way to establish how much free-base nicotine different brands of e-liquid had and found that the brands with the lowest free-base nicotine were the least harsh when vaped. Read the entire article in order to learn how you can use their findings to select the best e-liquids for your vaping needs.

How Much Will It Cost You to Switch to Vaping?

Many people who are thinking about switching to vaping instead of (or in addition to) smoking traditional cigarettes wonder about the cost implications of that decision (never mind that health reasons should be the overriding motivator). Ivan Srsen writes a detailed article which explains that it isn’t easy to give a rough estimate of what one will spend each year since the final cost will depend on several personal factors. For example, he explains how the grade of the e-juice which you decide to consume affects your costs. Premium e-juice is costlier than regular e-juice. This is similar to how driving a Ferrari can have a different ongoing cost as compared to driving an ordinary family car. Similarly, the quantity which you consume each day has a bearing on the total volume of e-liquid which you buy each year. As seasoned vapers may already know, the daily consumption can vary as widely as your mood varies from day to day. Read the entire article and learn the math behind each of the factors which will impact your vaping budget.