Fireproof Vape Batteries in the Offing

The isolated incidents of exploding electronic cigarette batteries in the recent past have given e-cig detractors ammunition to claim that vaping is dangerous, perhaps even more dangerous than combustible cigarettes. This safety concern has driven a team of scientists to come up with a new battery recipe which would prevent lithium-ion batteries from exploding. The new formula entails placing silica nanoparticles within the lithium fluid (electrolyte) in order to form a thick paste when the battery is involved in an impact. That paste prevents the electrodes in the battery from touching and triggering a fire. However, the new formula may reduce the power-storage capacity of the modified lithium-ion batteries. Would a reduction in power be a good tradeoff for greater safety for you as an e-cig user? Read more about this new invention and decide which way your opinion would be swayed.