Juul Sues Makers of Copycats

Juul Labs has initiated lawsuits against several companies that it claims are infringing on its copyright. Some suits were filed with the International Trade Commission while others were filed in district courts. In total, more than 30 companies are affected by the suits. Most of the said companies are based abroad, with China and Uruguay taking the largest share of the companies listed in those complaints. The ITC (International Trade Commission) cannot award monetary damages in case Juul Labs wins the cases. However, the suits in the district courts can result in monetary awards, so that could explain why mirror suits were filed in these courts too. Juul claims that those look-alike products aren’t subjected to any controls and can endanger public health since minors can access them. In response, some of the companies cited are saying that Juul is using underhand tactics to lock out any competition in order to raise the price of its products. All that is left is for the competent entities to listen to both sides and decide appropriately.