Experts Warn That Treating Vaping Like Smoking Is Problematic

Experts have released a commentary that warns that it would be disastrous for policymakers and researchers to regard electronic cigarettes in the same way that they regard tobacco cigarettes. This is because such a mentality can result in the formulation and enforcement of wrong policies as well as conducting inherently faulty research. For example, many jurisdictions continue to ban vaping in public places and yet all the available scientific research shows that there is no danger to bystanders. Researchers are also potentially making mistakes by assuming that vaping patterns are similar to smoking patterns. For example, smokers tend to keep taking puffs on their cigarette until they have consumed it all. However, vapers can light up and turn the device off intermittently since the e-cig doesn’t have to be vaped continuously until the e-liquid in the device is exhausted. Researchers should be aware of such distinctions and structure their research appropriately. The commentary is worth reading if you want to learn how the differences between vaping and smoking can have far-reaching implications for science and public health policy.